DealGuru Reviews: Best Online Deals By AskMeBazaar

AskMeBazaar has launched its awesome online shopping site DealGuru, which is offering a wide range of products at super cool and mouthwatering discounted prices. DealGuru is not an independent e-commerce website, but it is a service which is offered by AskMeBazaar. This initiative of AskMeBazaar is changing the way of shopping of many people in India as this shopping portal is completely for Indians.It offers variety of products related to our daily life with best and affordable discounts for various age groups.They also provide the shipping facility with genuine refundable policy too. Here we will discuss some of the best prospects of DealGuru which force you to say " Its a Best Online Deals ever I saw".

DealGuru Reviews: Best Online Deals By AskMeBazaar

Methodology of DealGuru

AskMeBazaar is an online shopping site which deals with those manufacturing companies and stores that have excessive inventory of products which are not in market trend now. Once the product is finalized, AskMeBazaar tag a price on it and place that product at DealGuru for selling. The products that DealGuru offers are generally those products which a company have stopped manufacturing.

Products sold by numerous Sellers

When there is only 2 or 3 sellers selling their product, then we can’t decide that which buyer is offering good quality product and which is giving it at cheap rate too. At DealGuru there are approx. 800-900 sellers currently selling their wide variety of products, and the numbers of sellers are increasing day by day. When you are getting wide range of products at very low price then you will never think of tiring offline shopping.

Advantages for Buyers 

  • The main advantage a buyer gets on this site is a wide range of products, for each age group.
  • For the payment, a buyer need not to worry, because there are a lot of payment options available on this website, including Cash on Delivery.
  • Another benefit which a buyer gets is that this website also deliver products in backward areas, there might be some extra charges, but overall you can get your product at your doorstep.
  • There is option to cancel the order, but there are some terms and conditions for it.
  • Refund or return of cost is also provided by AskMeBazaar in any problematic situation.

Advantages for Sellers 

  • The main advantage sellers gets is that they can find thousands of customers from organic traffic.
  • To sell products on this website a seller is not need to have a website or any online platform.
  • The deliveries of the products are done by DealGuru itself, so a seller can relax at the time of delivery, and he don’t need to worry about the shipment.
  • After each delivery and successful shipment, sellers gets his part of the payment.

Our Final Verdicts

According to our experience, We think this is one of the best online shopping website. You can find lot of great deals here as well with best customer supports.This is the only website which sells products at at attractive discount on cheap rates. Yes we agree that the products they sell are of unsold stock, yet the quality of the product is too good. The returning policy is also authentic, you can return any product easily to them. There are many more features and qualities of this site but Main motive of this website is not to sell more products, but to win customers hearts, which is the best of all.
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ASKME Android App Reviews: Best Multitasking App

ASKME is an amazing android app that is designed to offer the best benefits to the users in terms of searching and browsing task. The most significant fact about this app is that it is absolutely free. ASKME app is the best solution to your problems relating to find best deals, classified ads, and local search over the internet. The app is one stop shop platform that offers the details of best deals available in your area, provides classifieds ads in several categories and more. With this app, you can search anything you wish to know either it might be in finding best businesses in your city or shopping outlet or anything else. The app makes searching quite quick and easy as well. Online shopping can be full or fun and much simple with this amazing app.
ASKME Android App Reviews: Download Multitasking App

The versatile app enables its Android operators to search for the great deals available in the market and avail the same easily. Users can relish the hefty discount by finding the great deals and shopping them through this application. Finding relevant and instant info in the local search engine is possible with the aid of ASKME. You can ask anything ASKME is developed in such a way to aid you in every possible way specifically in regards to searching or browsing.

ASKME App: Beneficial App with Best Features:

ASKME is a highly beneficial app and comes with fantastic features. It boasts local search option, reviews of local businesses and more. This is an extremely social app and you can effortlessly find phone numbers of any business and call them up to get the desired info. The app has gained much popularity due to its attractive interface, best features, and efficient search results. The app is capable of providing search results very instantly. Either you are searching for awesome deals on nearby restaurants or any other local searches; you are assured to get the effective search results within few seconds. Moreover the ASKME app comes with a neat and alluring interface and enables everyone to use this app effortlessly. Also, the app allows utilizers to sell items through their online classified ads in order to reach potential buyers all over the nearby area as well as throughout the country. These many benefits of this app have factually made it the the “Baap of all apps”. You can make your searching and online shopping task much simpler and convenient by utilizing ASKME app. Get this App from Google Play now and relish the benefits! 
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How To Make Money Online With Infolinks

Many Bloggers/Webmasters now a days Complaining that their Adsense account got disbaled whenever the Payment reaches to its threshold and they are planning to Quit Blogging.Is Really Google Adsense is the Only Way to make some Profitable Amount by being Online,Is Adsense is the Only way which Makes Bloggers alive here?If you go on Research then you will find its " No Doubt Adsense is the Leader in Online Advertisements as they Pay some Good Revenue for ads monetization".But what you will do when Your Site doesn't compile with the Strict adsense Policies? These Policies keep on changing frequently due to its vast growth as Ads Network.
How To Make Money Online With Infolinks

Even Many Newbies Complained  "Their Site is having more than 50+ Articles with some appreciable Traffic  but still they failed to get approved Adsense Account".One other Part,Even many bloggers got approved adsense account then also after a couple of months due to some silly violation of Adsense Policies they got banned even the most frustrating when the Adsense completely Block their site URL for life time in participating in their such programmes.So,if ever suffers from such harsh conditions or you if think "There is no way to Make some Huge Money Without Adsense",then for a while please forgot all these as we are are going to provide the Best Adsense alternatives and "how you can make " $$$$" in a single month".

Infolinks: The Best Adsense Alternative

Is there is no way to Make some Huge Money Without Adsense
Infolinks is an online advertising platform which offers advertising products for publishers, advertisers and brands. The company's products, including InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText, were designed to overcome banner blindness.It was founded in 2007 and since they have more than 50K advertisers as well Publishers who got some Best Money making experience with Infolinks.No doubt it is the One of the Highest Paying In-Text Advertising Network which shows the relevant In-Text Ads for your Blog or Website too.There are many others In-Text Advertising Network available but the Infolinks is one of the best among them.

How to Apply For Infolinks

Its Just a simple procedure to get an Infolinks account but keep in mind their Policies before going for this application procedure.Below we are Providing the Pictorial view on  "How to get an approved Infolinks Account"
  • Create an account by visiting this link. Now, you can also use your Facebook credentials when creating your Infolinks account.
How to Apply For Infolinks
  • After filling it,Kindly Click on the Join Option Below it and enter your Infolinks Dashboard.
  • Again Click on Account Tab there and add your Website URL for the Approval.
If your Site Compile their policies then you can get a Approval Message with 48 Hours and most Important point to be notice is that Policies of Infolinks is not as Strict as Adsense.It means Bloggers from those Countries where Adsense is not Legal for them Inflolinks is the Best Alternative to earn some Bucks.
Infolinks Account Approval Proof

How Infolinks Works

Some Bloggers have a common doubt "Is Infolinks is Banner Ads Advertising Media or Text Ads" so for their clarification,Its a Inline Text ads which uses some keywords from your website to show the advertiser's ads.These links will be totally different from the Natural hyperlinks and even you can customised these link with Dotted or Double Underline.The Earning Results will be depended on the clicks & views on these Inline-Texts Ads

How To Integrate Infolinks Codes 

Once your site is approved,Go back to your dashboard and Click on Intergrate Tab and choose your Platform,It means on which Platform like Blogger,Wordpress,Joomla,Drupal you want to show these ads.If you are Wordpress user then no doubt you have to select Wordpress tab else if you are user of blogger platform then select Blogger.
How To Integrate Infolinks Codes

In case if you have any Website Template than above mention Platform then Copy the Code and Edit your html Section for searching </body> .Just place the selected code before </body>

How Infolinks Shows On Your Website

It shows Ads with Inline-Text and as we already mention above "The links which targeted is different than the Natural Hyperlinks". It May have Double underline and dotted appearance given on the Ads which helps the visitors to click/view it.

How Infolinks Shows On Your Website

Can We Use Infolinks With Adsense

Many Webmasters & Bloggers even Confuses whether it will safe for Adsense when we will use some other advertising network along with it.Is Google will disable our Account when we Intergrate Infolinks Ads? So,the answer is "You are 100% Secured and Even you can use Infolinks with Adsense" there is no Issue or Violations of Adsense Policies.

How Much I Can Earn From Infolinks

This is the most awaited question which common to arise in your mind.Many Bloggers think Infolinks paying too low,Even One cannot make enough money or reach its threshold within a month.So,If you have such Questions then first of all we would like to show you the Infolinks Payment Reports.
How Much I Can Earn From Infolinks
Still Many of you have doubt "Infolinks Only Pays Small Amounts not as much Higher like Adsense.
Is it ...... ?? If "Yes" then Keep Calm for a while and Look at the Below Reports.
How Much I Can Earn From Infolinks
Note: Infolinks have minimum Payout of $50 for Publishers.Once you crossed this thresold amount then you can ask for the Payment & Mode is Paypal,Wire transfer Payoneer.

Join It Today

Finally What You Decided ?? 

Now We hope you got almost your all doubt answers,We are Using Infolinks since long time and the payment proof says everything.Again its no doubt-For making some huge money from Infolinks you should have per day Heavy traffic and with maximum percentage of visitors from USA,CANADA & UK.So,If you determined on "There is Also a Life ahead Adsense" then You can Join It.
If you have any doubt Regarding this article or having any Feedback then you can show your affection in below discussion box.Keep Blogging with Happy Earning
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New Facebook Emoticons for Comments & Chats

Facebook Emoticons, Smileys, Emoticons
You must have noticed Facebook comment box now supports Emoticons. Here is a big list of all Facebook
Emoticons which you can use into your Facebook comment box. If you are a regular Facebook user, you must have seen various new Facebook emoticons on your News Feed and Comments too from last month. Actually these Emoticons are called “Emoji”, that’s a Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages. These new range of smileys and Facebook Emoticons will spice up your Facebook Comments.

Facebook Emoticons in Comments

Now it’s official you can add Emoticons into your Facebook comment box without using any third party app. Earlier it was possible to use these Emoticons or smileys only by using an app called “Emoji Status”, But now the app was filtered by Facebook. If you use Facebook on iPhone or on you Android phone, you can easily enable Emojis in Keyboard settings. This will bring you complete list of new Facebook Emoticons into your fingertips. But what, if you don’t have an iPhone or android phone? Don’t worry, I am here to help you. You can still make comments with emoticons easily. Follow the instructions given below to add Emoticons on Facebook comments.
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On:→04:44 Review - The Best Link Shortner
URL or Link shortener are not any surprise innovation for any heavy Internet users,Most of the are still yet to recognize these services and how to use its potentials to generate some good revenues from it.The fact behind the shortening the link came from the age of twitter when every character counts,these shortener reduces the long URL's to tiny form.They saves lots of spaces when we share any shorten link instead of sharing the original also make it less offending to the viewer's.Some of the interesting drawback which might be commonly known for every webmaster,the Link with very long URLs are prone to increase the Bounce rate even they contain the valuable information for the potential viewers.Even you search for  Best URL shortener you will find number of website related to it which facilitate such services,We already tried most of them but the earning is not impressive which satisfy our hard work behind it,so few months back we decided to try  and in just few days we feel its a best ever shortener which provides the the impressive payouts rates.

Something about

Its European based link shortener online store which creates product that will give you a better way to earn money online. They created a link shortener connected with advertising network so now we get paid when we shorten a link and make someone click on it.Unlike the other ads network they don't need the single pixel of your webpage space rather they simply take care of your links.
  • This URL shortening service basically provide an unique style of showing ads where viewer can redirect to the original link within 5 sec.It really help us to generate some extra revenues apart from our main sources like Pay per clicks and affiliate marketing,It also acts as backbone while paying more than "$$$+" per month with some of the best technical supports.
Here in this Article we try to point out "Why Now a days renamed as Best URL shorteners on Internet Platform" also will try to find out why pays you for the shorten link which you share on various social media like Facebook,twitter & other Online websites.

Various Monetization Tools (Infographics) Monetization Tools

How to Join & Earn Money 

  1. You can Join it by using either your email id or your Facebook account.
  2. After filling the form you need to activate your account by clicking back to your Inbox.
  3. Now start Shortening & sharing your links to Facebook Images & Posts,YouTube videos Link also Implement on Blog Posts links too.
    How to Join & Earn Money from Affiliation Program & Benefits

It also provides some best Affiliates marketing where one earn easily with their Links,Just simply you have to go on Referrals tab on your dashboard copy the Referral link and start spreading it to generate your 20 % commissions on your each Referrals. Affiliation Program & Benefits

Join It Today Payout Mode,Rates & Proof

These Payouts rates are Updated daily on the Advertiser demands around the Globe,they calculate their rates on per 1000 views.These rates varies from country to country from where the views arrives which may be between $0.28- $1.66.Visit here to see the Updated Everyday Rates. Payout Mode,Rates & Proof

Payment Method: The Earnings will be automatically paid on 10th day of each month but only if your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more for the previous month(s). They Send Payment with Either Paypal or Payoneer. In order to receive the payment you must fill up all the required fields in the settings section.
Note: Payoneer currently has a minimum withdrawal of $20. 

Final Words:

This is all About why renamed as Best Link Shortner these days,If you want to make some smart earning apart from your main source then you can Try it once.If you have any queries regarding it then we are happy to hear you at the below discussion section.Cheers,Happy Earning
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