Greedeals Review: Best Place To Get Tons Of Freebies And Deals

Got some products to sell? Looking for freebies? Need good exposure and profits in short time? It’s not easy to earn lots of profits because of choosing wrong decisions. Well, then Greedeals is the Perfect platform to choose and helps you to gain profits in less time!

What is Greedeals?

Greedeals is a place to showcase your products and also gives you tons of free products. The products can be anything, it starts with icons and covers up to complex softwares. Greedeals promote your designs, templates and everything you need to promote and gains you profits.The Products are displayed with discounts ranging from 50% to 100% of the original price and thus providing a premium deal to the users. So there will be a huge margin of profits to the Seller and exposure within a short time.
Something about greedeals

How Greedeals Work?

When you buy a deal from Greedeals it worth the price to the quality. The deals can be anything it start with your design of templates, Vector icons and freebies,WordPress themes etc.. So by publishing it through Greedeals brings you profits and in return they split the profits into 50% with the publishers.Greedeal also shows up with the Deal they’re offering with the discount price. The discount price varies from deal to deal. Well, there’s Expiration for every deal they are offering.Freebies are free to grab so make sure you grab it before the offer expires.

How to buy a deal from Greedeals?

Since we got to know everything about Greedeal, Now I’m going to demonstrate on you "How to buy a deal". So let us consider this awesome deal! 36 WordPress Themes + 50 Plugins with 1 year subscription at Just $79  !!When you checkout the deal you can see the percentage of discount they are offering on the Original price of the product. And in this deal the seller WPeka is offering the discount at 60%. So you can grab the deal before the offer expires.And below the price and product discount, you can see the complete overview of details of the listed product. The information regarding the 36 WordPress Themes + 50 Plugins as well the selling partner are listed and complete information of them with demos are mentioned. In case of any queries regarding the product you can refer to the description of the deal.Also,In case of any updates or mentioning additional information will be updated at the top of description as “Update” so that there can be prior notice to the buyers. Similarly in this deal the seller has notified an update that “The deal won’t be available for long period”.
Greedeals best discount offer

Trusted Sellers & Deal Terms?  

Greedeals also enables you with the information of sellers from whom you are buying the product to gain the trusted-deal purchase. For example check out the deal and you can find the information regarding the seller and the related information regarding the product.  Deal terms give you the detailed information of what you will be getting when you purchase the deal.So you can have an idea of terms you are agreeing and the clear agreement the seller is offering.You need not to forget to check the Deal terms and conditions before buying the product.Once you purchase the product, you confirmed that you agreed to the Deal terms of the Product.For Example: When you observe the above deal then there is a deal term saying " After purchasing the deal, You will receive a coupon code, which you need to redeem on for instant access to 1 year platinum membership."The seller also added the information regarding further contact support and updates of the product to stay connected with the them.   

What are Payment Methods?

Greedeals provides a secure way of Payment gateway while purchasing the product. Greedeals now currently support Visa, Master card and PayPal payment methods to buy the product. It assures you an encrypted Safe payment gateway for Visa and Master card credit cards.So you can purchase the products from any part of the World using PayPal and Visa, Master card credit cards.
Greedeals Payment Method

Greedeals Verdict:

Greedeals is a One-stop platform for great deals with great discounts and freebies! I’m even much excited as a buyer to grab the awesome deals before they expire. I personally recommend Greedeals to my readers because of its high discounts on all the deals and also to Product sellers who will get high percentages of shares in profits and tons of exposure on products. So Subscribe to Greedeals for instant update of deals to your mailbox all the time. Don’t forget to grab them before the offers expire.
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Why TeslaThemes is the Best Premium WordPress Themes Club


Tired of searching beautiful and simple premium Wordpress themes? Fed up of non-friendly templates? Then TeslaThemes is one stop for your search and meets your needs.TeslaThemes helps you with Best Premium Wordpress themes with affordable prices. Check out more below!

Why only TeslaThemes?

TeslaThemes enables you with best visualize and user friendly premium Wordpress themes. It also provides you UI kit (User interface) with PSD file so that you can have own-customizable themes with you. TeslaThemes provides you high quality themes with easy installation at very cheap prices.So instead of pouring huge amount of money for web design and web development you can get premium optimized themes at affordable prices.
TeslaThemes is the Best Premium WordPress Themes Club

Some Special Features of TeslaThemes:

  • Provides you advanced features in Wordpress themes.
  • Live Demo and easy Documentation of themes.
  • By Subscription you can get free updates to your templates.
  • Easy installation and customization.
  • Responsive customer support and dedicated Support forum.

TeslaThemes's Premium Wordpress themes:

The following are Top Premium Wordpress themes available at TeslaThemes.There is huge range of templates supporting different platforms. Check out the few below.



Live Demo   Buy Now

Novelty – Magazine Wordpress Theme is a Powerful Premium theme best suit for Content sharing, News and Magazine websites. So select this template for a magazine based website and documentation comes with Installation procedures.
The Unique features of this template are:
  • Responsive design
  • Featured Slider 
  • Friendly Social sharing’s
  • 12 Column grids with Twitter Bootstrap.



You need a Professional website template for Business based website. Biznex is the Perfect premium Wordpress theme that meets your requirement of professional design and Stylized elements.The Effects at the webpage and Stylish fonts that are embedded in the template gives a Rich look and complete refreshing look to the website.
The Unique features of this template are:
  • Responsive design.
  • Parallax Scrolling.
  • Supports all browsers.
  • Rich and Stylish fonts.



When you maintain a Portfolio website or a Creative-idea based Website you need to have a different – “Out of box” design to impress your visitors. It can be easily served by a Multi-purpose Template.
Sevenfold completes this necessity, It easily fits the requirements of the user because of its Multipurpose design. It is easily customizable depending on the requirements of the user.



A Goal based website needs to motivate the visitor with each and every aspect. So in order to attract the visitors of Sports and Exercise niche you need to implement a Sports related Premium Wordpress theme.Sportify – GYM/Fitness Wordpress theme best suits for Sports oriented and Exercise based websites.
The Unique features of this template are:
  • Custom Background and Icons.
  • Google fonts
  • Installed Widgets.
  • 13 Custom posts



Managing a Personal blog is never easy. You need to attract the users at first instance. It can be done only by impressing with the professional design of the website.A Personal portfolio, Photography website, Creative idea websites are best suited for this premium Wordpress theme.
The Unique features of this template are:
  • Features of Yopta Theme:
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • Video support.
  • Well-Commented code.


Biasing on the features available to the users, TeslaThemes offers you three different plans for pricing.
  • Standard (49$/Year)
  • Starter (39$/Theme)
  • Developer (69$/Year)
TeslaTheme Pricing

Standard (49$/Year)

Standard plan best suits when you are low on budget and requires all the access. All current themes that are available on TeslaThemes are free and 24+ new themes are added every year in this plan. Unlimited domains, free weekly updates, Technical support, Extensive documentation of themes are available in the plan. But PSD files of themes are not provided in this plan.

Starter (39$/Theme)

This beginner plan enables you with single theme and restricts features to the user like new themes access and PSD files of themes. Free weekly updates, Technical support, Extensive documentation are provided in this plan.

Developer (69$/Year)

Developer plan gives you access to all the features of TeslaThemes. All the features are enabled in this plan like all current themes are available to use and 24+ new themes are added every year. Unlimited domains, free weekly updates, Technical support, Extensive documentation, and even All the PSD files of themes are available in this plan.

TeslaThemes Support:

The Customer Support at TeslaThemes is very Interactive and responsive. They Support under various topics like Marketing , Affiliate program Service , Extra Customization services , Theme Support and Theme Installation . So whatever the Question is it is easy to get into their notice by their customer support and Highly Premium themes.
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Romantic Gifts for Your Lover to Make him/her Fall Crazy

There are a lot of romantic couples who are in love. These couples always try and do little things for their partner to make them feel loved and special. There are multiple occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Dates, etc when couples are often confused as to what gift they can give to their partner. The market is full of romantic gifts that you can give away to your partner. You can choose any of these gifts for your partner. However, in case you want to sizzle up the things between you and your partner then why not give away personalized gifts? There are a couple of stores where you can get personalized gifts for men in India and there are an equal number of stores offering gifts for women.

Wallets and Bags

Wallets and bags are an equally romantic gift in case of both men and women. Women especially like big totes and personalized sling bag. So, in case you’re giving a gift to your boyfriend give away personalized wallets and in case you are giving away gifts to your girlfriend then you can give away personalized ladies wallet or simple ladies wallet. There are a couple of personalized ladies wallets available on several online websites. Choose the one that you like and give it to your partner.


Cushions? Yes, cushions do make a perfect romantic gift for girls. Girls love cuddly and soft things. So, when you give away personalized cushions she’ll have something to cuddle on during romantic dark nights. Thus, get those heart shaped red cushions and give to your girlfriend on any special occasion.


Yes, indeed. If you love the wonderful foods cooked by your partner then reward them by giving away master chef or mister chef aprons. This is an excellent way of telling them that you love them and their food.


Mugs are things of utmost utility. So giving away personalized mugs for boyfriend can be a great way to showcase your love for your partner. Tea or coffee is something that we intake as the first thing in the morning. So, why not make him remind of you with a personalized mug? Giving a solo cup for him is a great idea however a usual one too. So, what to do then? Why not give couple mugs? Couple mug, now what is that? Personalized couple mug is a mug given in pair of two. One representing you, and the other one representing his and her mugs. When you give away personalized couple mugs it is a way to tell him that you would want to spend every relaxed moment and dull moment with him together in order to make him feel the love and togetherness. There are a plenty of couple mugs design. You can choose any of the couple mug design and send it to your boyfriend. If it is your boyfriend’s birthday then choose a happy birthday mug design for your partner. Add a unique and pleasant message to this happy birthday mugs design and make him feel that you love and care for him.


A lot of men and women enjoy drinking. So, why not give away personalized whisky to your partner? You can even add Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses in the gift to make the things more special and romantic for your partner. There is a huge variety of wines, scotch, whisky, beer, etc available in the market. If you know the taste or favourite brand of your partner then choose only those specific brands. There are some people who are used to only particular brand of alcohol so choose only that brand for gifting on these romantic occasions. You can get a couple of wine glasses online in India. There is a wide variety available online so choose the one that looks royal and versatile. Make sure to add a personalized touch by adding a romantic message to this bottle of liquor.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned few romantic gift ideas for your partner. Choose any of these gifts and make your partner feel special and loved. If you still cannot decide, roses with chocolates shall work for you.
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I heard many people giving statements like “I am passionate about music”, “my passion is service” or “science is my passion”. Although these things are nice to hear and one must have a passion about something to achieve something big in life. By reading this I am sure that you have started thinking about your passion and about the work which you loved to work most of the time. Before moving ahead, let me ask you 2 questions “What is passion"? And what does it mean to you”? Still thinking?  Ok let me elaborate, Passion is is that aspect of our life to which we are spiritually connected.Passion is something which we don't enjoy, but it is our soul which enjoys it alot. It differs from person to person. Some people have passion about music while some have about dance travelling, meditation, painting and the list could go on. Have you ever shared your wonderful experiences with the world, friends, family and colleagues? No? Believe me it gives a great feeling. It’s your time to voice your Passion and you can start that experiment with It is not just for sharing experiences, but at bloggers, marketers, teams and enterprises from small to big can share their experiences and motivate people. Don't wait, start expressing with Review

What Is is a website which allows you to create Short Stories on your Life Time Events, Hobbies, Creative, Sports and Entertainment, Social Causes and lots more. It is easy to use due to its simple and convenient platform where one can express whatever you love and related to your passion! It cuts all those barriers as well removes the intermediate problems where you go through while writing a blog and at last hands you the command to personalize. Definitely you must try this best story sharing platform for your freedom of expression. Review

What You Can Do On

Basically is a story sharing website. Here in your stories, you can include videos, audios, photos and hell lot of web interactive elements to make your story look more interesting and beautiful.You don't have to be a professional blogger or writer to write story on it, one can simply get started in 5 minutes after signing up. It allows you to build your own personal branding profile and adds your social accounts to your profile which makes it easier to share a story on social media websites. You can explore templates for predesigned stories. There is a story builder, which lets you create and design your own beautiful story. After creating your story, you can publish it, and let the world know about it by sharing it on different social media websites using their sharing options. It also shows you the number of views and likes your story get.

Final Words is a great platform which help you to make Voice your Passion with a Story. It help to make a story about you, your interests, views and passion. A Story that has Words, Pictures, Videos and Sound. There is a story builder by which you can create wonderful stories. I don't think there is any other good platform to do all these work together on a common floor.Even by using it, you can get popular on Community and your Social world with your stories. is ultimately a unique idea to let people showcase their passion and let motivate others. It's free and simple to use, with many great features and options. Ultimately it is one of the best social site I have every visited and used.
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Fastest and Secured Way To Recharge and Bill Payments

Now a days everyone want to relax and get their work done right from their home. When it comes to bills payments and mobile recharge, long crowdy lines strokes our mind. You don’t have to worry about those line now, as I have come up with a fantastic app and website, which will help you to recharge your mobile phone, data card, DTH, pay your electricity, gas, landline and insurance bills. Name of that app and website is MobiKwik. Below I have posted a review about MobiKwik. Have a look and do let me know your views too about it via comments.

What is Mobikwik 

MobiKwik is a company, which is founded in 2009 by Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku. They started MobiKwik to make the payment process easier and to reduce the problem faced by online users in India. As the years passed, they extended their service on mobile apps. MobiKwik is tied up with some most popular and famous online merchants like eBay India, BookMyShow, Dominos India, ShopClues and Snapdeal to provide accessibility of their wallet as a payment option on e-commerce sites. Recently they have introduced a new feature, in which you can send and receive payments via MobiKwik mobile app.

Features Mobikwik Offers

  • DTH/Mobile/Data Card Recharge – With MobiKwik, you can easily recharge your mobile, data card and DTH recharge. There are 15 operators in the list from which you can choose from. Both prepaid and postpaid mobile can be recharged within clicks. If you want to minimize the recharging time, then I will recommend you to keep loaded your MobiKwik account with certain good amount. 
  • Life Insurance Premium Payments – Now this feature surprised me a lot. I don’t think there is any other online recharging site or app which offers you to pay your life insurance premiums right from your home. Currently MobiKwik supports Birla Sun Life Insurance, Tata AIG Life Insurance, IndiaFirst Life Insurance, and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. 
  • Bill Payments – You can pay your mobile phone bills, electricity bills and postpaid bills online easily with MobiKwik. Isn’t it good? You don't have to stand in browd lines in front of your electricity provider next time to pay your bills. And moreover, you can even save few bucks since they have offers running every now and then. Just keep a watch on their Facebook page. 
  • Online Shopping Discounts – There is another great thing to know about MobiKwik is that it have discount deals for various categories like Entertainment, Food, Shopping, Fashion, Miscellaneous, Travel and Books. They are partnered with some big online merchants like eBay India, BookMyShow, Dominos India, ShopClues and Snapdeal to provide some awesome and mouthwatering deals to their customers. 

The Good About Mobikwik

  • It is have a lightweight, transparent and fast app, which consumes a very low bandwidth. The user interface of the app is fairly good. 
  • You can get instant customer support via email. 
  • Almost all modes of payments are available: Net banking, debit cards, credit cards, cash pay (service available only in some cities). 
  • Using its mobile recharge app, you can browse and load your contacts. Which means you don't have to remember the number which you want to recharge. 
  • The app is made for the whole India, so its works fine even in 2G data connection network. 
  • It offers a service which notifies you via SMS on your mobile, when changes are made to your wallet. 
  • MobiKwik does not rely on Atom Technologies to power its wallet. 

The Bad About Mobikwik 

  • Users cannot recharge for customized offer (specific to single customer like RC91). 
  • The user interface of the app of MobiKwik is very simple and sober and does not attract so many users and customers. As the numbers of smartphone users are increasing day by day MobiKwik team is focusing more on improvements of the app. 
  • However there is no complaint of No Recharge Done, but the options available in Gas, Data Card and Electricity Bills are limited. The color and theme of their website is not eye friendly and can distract a user mind. 
  • The color combination of the background and text are creating a rough surface. 

What I Think About Mobikwik

Although there are hundreds of sites and thousands of mobile apps available do all these things, but MobiKwik is one of the best among them. I admit that Mobikwik is not good on the aesthetic part, but it is an app which will definitely save a lot of your time, energy and money. Use it for all the bills you pay, and you will be amazed by the time it can save you, as it would prevent you from going to various portals for paying different bills. So it is one stop unique application to help you manage your money better. So I would like to recommend you to give it a try, and see if it help you. I am sure you are going to love it too.
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