Mobikin Assistant For Android: Best Android Suit Application For Windows

We know that android devices has become the major used OS by the world, it’s the cheapest and best OS with a lot of good features which helps to do a lot of things at one time by one device within less time.Sometimes we use our android phone like our PC and save our most important media and messages in it, what if we lose them.How will we recover them all or what to do if we lost our android based mobile phones? At that time of moment we can use mobikin assistant for android to take backups of our android device, which will help us to save our whole data.Now I will tell you how to do that.
Mobikin Assisstant For Android: Best Android Suit Application For Windows

User Guide for Operating Mobikin Software:

Guys as you all know that android suits require some drivers and internet connection and you also need to install all the drivers manually but in this android suit, mobikin assistant for android you just need a internet connection and an android device.It will automatically detect all the driver required for it as well automatically install the drivers where you will be able to use the suit and backup, recover your data.

Requirements to Use It

  • Laptop / Computer
  • Android Phone
  • USB Cable
  • Mobikin Assistant For Android Users (Software)

Backing Up All the Messages

When we talk about messages which is a lot personal because Sometimes it carries all messages from family members, some messages of your recharge or some from internet banking or internet transaction done by your credit / debit card which may carry other information which may you require in future.If you illogically delete that message or lost your phone without taking an backup, then what you will do? For that the solution is mobikin assistant for android which assume to be the best software for such remedies.

Backing up Contacts

Contact, yeah actually what will when you will lose around 2000 or more than that contacts in just 1 seconds or by chance delete them or format you phone and critical situation when you doesn't have a backup for them.I guess you will in real trouble at that time because you would not be able to take or ask all people for their numbers or by asking them on social networks because it will take a long time for you to get back all the contacts.For such situations you need to take a backup of your contacts which can future help if your phone is lost or you deleted all contacts by unknown error.

Backing Up Your Multimedia Files

When we talk about multimedia files it includes your most important files likes pictures, your all-time favourite songs and videos. What will you do if you lose your all collection of around 1500 songs and 1000 videos and around 2000 or 2500 pictures in a short, who will help you to get all the data back??? In that case you can use mobikin assistant for transfer text messages from Samsung Galaxy to computer.

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Collegeduniya Review: Best Way to Find Colleges Information

Looking for a new college but confused which is the most suitable for you? Visit Collegedunia and get all information you require related to Indian colleges. One of the most informative education portals, It is visited by many students seeking higher studies to decide the best college for them. You can get all necessary information like the geographical location of the college or institute, the courses offered the fees and also the faculty of the college; helping students gain a vast knowledge and make a wise decision for them. Review
To help you get a better understanding of the college infrastructure, Collegedunia have also embedded photos and videos of the campus giving you good information about the campus and what to expect when you reach there.

Simple Design, Large Database and Easy Filters

The biggest advantage of the website is its simple design and easy to understand tabs making it very easy for the student to browse the website for helpful information. Till now, Collegedunia has more than 20,000 colleges listed on its website with complete up to date information and plans to include many more colleges. There are many filters to chose from making your search easy and reducing your precious time. The search filters include stream of college, courses, city and also the duration of course whether it is full time or part time.

Complete Information about Top Colleges

From top management colleges like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and top engineering institutes like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Collegedunia has more than 500 colleges listed in each field of study. There are colleges for arts, science, commerce, law, and also vocational courses. Review : Get All Colleges Information
More than 6000 courses are listed on the website. Each college is mentioned with updated details like information about the college, the features and amenities offered, hostel information, fees structure, course structure, reservation criteria, accreditation, placement opportunities available and also the top recruiters.

Write your Own Review Feature : 

Another feature included in the website for students is ‘Review’ where the students can write their reviews and experiences about the colleges. Along with reviews, the website also rates each college out of 10 thus helping students to get the best choice.
Collegeduniya Review: Best Way to Find Colleges Information
There is a news section in the website where all recent news about the listed colleges is mentioned. Students can also get their results and exam details on the website. In short, Collegedunia is the answer to all your rhetorical questions and the best portal for you to help decide your college.
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Zoutons Review: Find Online Shopping Coupons & Discounts

With the world of web evolving so fast that everything right from shopping to payments is now coming within the scope of a website. The comforts of getting the things that you want right at your doorsteps is something that makes the online shopping prospect so interesting and so much in trend. There are many things that we can get from this mode of shopping, mainly rebates which we can’t get from retailers. After going through introduction of what online shopping is, let us introduce you to a coupons website This site helps you for getting the best deals that are there for the products that you seek, in short, it helps you get the most out of your online shopping experience.This site provides coupons for most of the service providers big and small. 
Zoutons Review: Find Online Shopping Coupons & Discounts

Come across by best deals and discounts at

Coming to more careful study of this website, this website is something that you would come across if you are looking for discounts and best deals on the things that you are planning to buy. provide you with best deals, be it electronics, garments or even items of daily needs. This site definitely helps you by saving your time when you are in search of discount coupons as all the coupons and offers are available to you under the same roof. latest Coupons
Zoutons is one of the premier websites in India when we talk of providing discount coupons and discounts. These coupons are accessible to you even if you don’t sign up. But for avid online shoppers, it is always recommended that you subscribe as subscription will definitely lead to you getting the best deals right at your finger-tips with regular updates that the site provides.

Shop safely and authentically with Best Categories:

Homepage of this website is something that eases all the effort on your part and is also definitely worth trying. There is an option right at the first page that enables you to key yourself in to your favourite vendor and then the results are filtered according to your preference. Best Categories:
The coupons are split into categories and sub-categories like electronic coupons, recharge coupons, trip coupons which further saves time and effort on your part. Snapdeal Vouchers, Flipkart Discount Codes, Jabong Coupon Codes are just some of the popular vouchers that are available on this website. All the coupons are verified and are authentic.
Finally, the verdict will be that this website is a definite friendly for those who loves to do Online shopping and planning to save on their way as they go about this activity. 
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Hostoople Review: Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting For Bloggers

Reseller Web Hosting, as the term speaks for itself is basically a web hosting service through a mediator where an account owner allows his hard drive space and bandwidth to be used by his customers.Since the rise in web hosting prices all over the world, many people are opting for reseller hosting services as they offer the same features at a comparatively less price than the original hosting websites. A predefined amount of space of hard drive and bandwidth is allocated to the account of the reseller.These resellers offer both Windows Reseller Hosting and Linux Reseller hosting depending on the preference of the customer.
Hostoople Review: Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting For Bloggers

Why Hostoople Hosting Services ?

For quite some time now, one name is growing popular among the blogging community for windows reseller hosting: Hostoople. Considered by many bloggers as the top windows reseller hosting service, It has become a rage in the blogging world in a very short span of time as it offers both Windows and Linux reseller web hosting with the plan starting for just US $7.95 per month and shared web hosting at just US $3.95 per month. Such affordable prices are unmatched in the industry thus making Hostoople the obvious choice of many new bloggers. This Hosting company is Awarded as the number One reseller web hosting service of 2014, It has established in the web hosting market itself. Hostoople web hosting services is garnering positive reviews on all review sites and expert bloggers have touted it to become the most used reseller and shared web hosting service in the coming years.

Hostoople Reseller Web Hosting Plans :

One of the best advantages of Hostoople is that it offers three different plans: viz., starter, business and expert plan. So, you can choose the plan suiting your requirements and budget.
Hostoople Reseller Web Hosting Plans

The starter plan can be availed for just US $7.95 which makes it one of the cheap windows reseller hosting services, whereas you can purchase the business and expert plans at US $15.95 and US $19.95 per month respectively. The Starter Reseller Web Hosting Plan is recommended for new bloggers who are beginners in the blogging world and looking for a modest starting plan. The Business Reseller Web Hosting Plan is targeted at growing businesses looking to grow and expand their business and the Expert Reseller Web Hosting Plan is aimed at major resellers.

Features of Reseller Web Hosting offered by Hostoople

  1. High Disk Space – You get a large storage space on your hard drive depending on the plan you select. 
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth – Hostoople offers unlimited bandwidth to its users in all the plans; be it starter, business or expert.
  3. Unlimited Domain – User can create as many domains as he or she wishes as Hostpoole’s reseller web hosting offers unlimited domain in all its plans.
  4. CPanel Control Pane – With a simple yet feature-filled cPanel, Hostoople has taken great efforts to make the control panel easy to understand for its users.
  5. Free Setup and Transfer – You can easily setup you reseller account at Hostoople for free and enjoy all the benefits it offers.
  6. Technical Support – The knowledgeable and expert technical staff at Hostoople are ready to assist you and provide the best technical support 24 x 7, 365 days a year.
  7. Money Back Guarantee – Hostoople are very confident about their reseller web hosting service and offer you a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it.
Hostoople in indeed the best windows reseller hosting service and is recommended to all bloggers worldwide who are aiming to get the best service in the lowest price.You can get 24/7 support via Support Ticket or calling on +1 (855) 933-3825 
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