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Do you need to count number of characters or letters in a block of text? Here is free online character count tool that allows you to count number of character by pasting your text into this online character counter tool. In the previous post I have created a online word count tool to count number of words. And this Online character count tool not only only counts number of character but also it counts number of words too along with the characters. This character count tool is useful for counting your tweets on Twitter multitude of other applications. It will be also useful for advertising, online marketing, web design writing, etc.

If you are a blogger or webmaster most of the time you would have needed to count number of character in your post title and meta description. As well as you have ever need to submit link to online directory with title with limits the number of character or number of words. For these reasons this is the best “copy and paste” online tool to count number of character and words from a block of text quickly.

As you know very well Post titles and Meta Description are very important from for search engine. It is most important to use these titles and description properly. A post title should not be more than 60 characters and a post description must not exceed 160 characters. Check out the image below.

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While writing a blog post make sure you have written you post titles and post description within the limit in order to make it search engine friendly. To count the number of characters you can use this Character count tool.

Free Online Character Count Tool:

To start, simply write or paste the text inside the text area given below and watch the result. You may also clear you text by clicking on Reset button.

Character Count Tool

Characters: Words: Reset
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