How to Submit Blog to Technorati Blog Directory

Technorati is one of the biggest blog submission service. And it’s always a good idea to submit blog to Technorati. Technorati has already indexed great number of Blogs from around the world. Claiming your blog on Technorati helps interested readers to find great content on your blog. Technorati not only indexes a blog but also give them rank. Technorati helps a new site to index faster in search engine. And if you get good ranks for your blog, you can get some nice traffic too. Here is how you can submit your blog to Technorati blog Directory. Follow the instructions below to submit blog to Technorati.

How to Submit Blog to Technorati?

I have shared step by step guide on How to submit Blog to Technorati. You just need to follow the 3 steps given below to submit your blog to Technorati.

Step 1. Register an account on Technorati

  • Visit Technorati login page and create account there <Link>.
  • Once you registered an account on Technorati simply sign in and go to your personal profile page.

Step 2. Submit Site to Technorati

Here you need to add some details about your site. Remember this is the most important part, try to put all relevant category of your site and add a perfect description here.
  • Go to your profile page and add your blog under my claimed blog list.
  • Now put your blog URL into "start a blog claim" and click on "claim" button. See the picture below.

  • Now fill the form such as Blog title, URL, Description, Feed URL and tags.

  • Now click on “Proceed to Next Step” button.
  • Now the next step is about claiming your blog on Technorati.

Step 3. Claiming Your Blog on Technorati

Once you have submitted your blog details now you need to claim it on Technorati. You have almost done the only process which is left is claiming your blog. Follow the instructions below to claim your blog in Technorati.
  • You will get an Email from Technorati with the claim token it will be in the form of code.
  • Now you need to add this token into your blog to verify claim token on Technorati. This check claim process is just for verifying ownership of your blog.
  • You need to add claim token that you have received in the Email, in your upcoming (new) blog post. You can either create a new blog post as a test post and add your token code here. Don’t add token code in your old Blog posts because it does not work.
  • Make sure your claim token also appear in your blog post feed.
  • Now if you have done above steps go to your Technorati account page once again and click on “Check Claim” below the blog you have just added.
  • Once done, click on verify click on verify claim token.

Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your blog on Technorati. It usually take couple of days to index your blog in Technorati directory.

So this is the only way to submit your blog to Technorati, I have shared above. Hope you like this quick tutorial regarding adding your site to Technorati and may it works for you. Have you submitted your blog to Technorati blog directory or are you going to do it now? If you are still facing any problem while submitting your blog to Technorati feel free to ask me via comment box below. 
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