How to Create Facebook Application for Blog/Website

Creating a Facebook Application is not a tough task. Today I am going to share How to create a basic Facebook Application for your Blog. It is the time to take your Blog/Website to a social networking level. As I have said above, creating a basic Facebook application is much easy, You don’t need to be a “geek” of web programming languages and have some free space on your web server. To integrating your Website with Facebook the first thing you should have a Facebook Application. So here is how to create Facebook Application. Once you have created a basic Facebook application by the above post, I will write some more tutorial regarding Facebook Application development soon. Follow the instructions given below to create a basic Facebook Application.

Benefit of having Facebook Application

A Facebook Application will help you to integrate your application to your Blog.
You can create custom tab for your Facebook Fan page. See my Fan page.
You can setup Facebook Invite Friends API. See my blog.
It will help you to integrate Open Graph with your Website.
Not only these, There are many benefits of having Facebook Application for your blog. Soon I will write more tutorial regarding how to integrate Facebook application with your Blog.

How to Create Facebook Application

As mentioned above, here is the step by step guide on how to create Facebook Application for your blog or website. Follow the tutorial given below to create your own Facebook application in just 2 minutes.

Step 1. Creating Facebook Application

  • Click here to go to the Facebook Application page <Link>.
  • Now click on “Create New App” button on top right. See the picture below.

  • A Pop-up box will open as “Create new App”, see the picture below.

  • Now fill the details as given in the above picture.
  • Once completed, Now click on Continue button.
  • Cheers! You have successfully created a Facebook Application.

Step 2. Facebook Application Setup

Once you have created your Facebook app, now You need to configure it. Follow the instruction given below to setup your Facebook Application.
  • A new page will be appear with your Facebook Application details. See the picture below.

  • You can add various details here such as adding Blog/Website URL, Contact Emails, App display name and more.
  • Once you have added details here click on “Save changes” button at the bottom of page.
  • Congratulation, You have successfully created your first Facebook Application.
This is how you can create a Facebook Application in just 2 minutes. I have shared a quick way to create Facebook Application for your Blog. This is a first part of Facebook application development series, I will soon write more post on this series such as How to create Facebook Page Tab, Facebook Invite friends API, How to integrate Facebook application to your Website and more. So this is a first you need to know about Facebook application development.
Follow the above tutorial to create your own Facebook application. It’s too easy to create a Facebook application, I don’t think you may have to face to issue regarding creating Facebook application. If are you still facing any problem in building a Facebook Application, ask me via comment box below.

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