How to Increase Google PageRank – 10 Best Ways

Most of the Blogger and Webmasters always worry about Google Page rank of their blog or website. Today I am going to share How to increase Google Page rank. Once you have created your blog/website, the first thing you should do is, How to tell Google about your blog and its content. Google Page rank is most important factor for Google search results. A blog having good Google page rank has more chance to appear on the first page of Google search. Read below to know more about Google Page rank.

What is Google Page Rank?

The Google Page Rank is rank rewarded by Google to every Blog and Website. Simply, Google ranks every website on the basis of the number of quality and relevant backlinks it has. The minimum rank rewarded by Google as Google page rank is “0” and the maximum is “10”. Usually the new Blog/Website gets Page rank as “N/A” (Page Rank not yet Assigned). The higher page rank you have the better ranking you get on Google serach result.

How Google Page Rank is calculated?

Google page rank is calculated on the basis of Links such as Incoming links, Outgoing links, Content quality and many other factors. The main concept of Google Page Rank for a Website is the number of Backliks it has.
Google has recently changed its algorithms for measuring Page rank of Website. Now the number of backlinks is not matter, but number of relevant backlink is. So if you get many backliks from various websites,  it hardly pass link juice to your website. But if you get only 10 qualify backlinks from relevant sites, this will help you to get better Page Rank. So here I am going to share some tips to increase Google page rank of your blog.

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How to Increase Google Page Rank 

1. Write Quality Content:

As you know “Content is King” in Blogging.  A good quality content has more chance to get link back. So if you write a high quality content on your blog, you will get many link back to your blog for content. Writing quality contnet is best way to create back link for your blog without any additional effort. Here you just need to write content on your blog and people automatically link back to you. So this is always a good idea to write quality content.

2. Write Guest Post:

Guest Posting always comes first when we talks about How to build backlinks. Guest posting is a best way to get dofollow backlinks for free. You just need to find some high quality blog/website with Google Page rank  thtat accept guest posts. Make sure, the blog you have selected for guest posting should be relevant to your blog niche. You can get a high qualify backlink by guest posting.

3. Article Submission

Submitting your blog article to various social bookmarking sites like Google plus, Facebook, twitter etc. is always a good idea to get backlinks for your articles. Just use social bookmarking buttons on your blog and start submitting your posts to these sites yourself or your readers can submit it.

 4. Submit Blog to Directories

As you know high quality backlinks are very usefull for a good Google Page rank. Submitting your blog/website to various Blog directories is best way to get backlinks from a High PR sites. So this is a good practise to get high qualify backlinks by submitting blog to some best Blog directories.

5. Use Nofollow Links effectively

For a good Google page rank you must maintain all and outgoing links from your blog by using “Nofollow” tag wisely. I hieghly recommend you to give nofollow link to all outgoing links from your blog.

6. Update Your Site Regular

Google likes the websites that is updated regularly.  A regular updated blog has more chance to get high page rank. So if you want to increase your Google page rank, you must update your site regular.

7. Interlinking Your Webpage

You would have seen many blogs that interlinks their webpage in each blog post. Even I too use this, if you have noticed, my every blog post is interlinked with my other blog posts.  So it’s good idea to interlinks your post to another post.

8. Submit Website on RSS Directory

Submitting website to various RSS directory helps increasing your blog’s Google Page Rank. Ablogin, Alltop, Blloggs, Myblogs, is some of the best RSS Directory, where you should submit your website to improve your Google page rank.

9. Comment on Dofollow Blogs

Commenting on Dofollow blogs is quick and easiest way to get Dofollow backlinks for your Blog or website. You just need to find some dofollow blogs relevant to your niche and start commenting. It will sure help you to improve your Blog Google Page Rank. 

10. Post links on Forums

As you know Forums are updated most frequently. Posting on various fourms helps you to increase Google Page Rank of your blog. So getting a backlink from these forums is best way to increse Google Page rank. I recommend you to join various high PR forums and start posting links of your site.

There are the 10 tips I have written above to increase your Google Page Rank. Hope you like these 10 ways to increase Google Page Rank of your Blog.
What all method you use to increase your Google page ranking? If you have any more suggestion to increase your blog Google page rank, Feel free to share via comment box below.
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