How to Get New Facebook News Feed Right Now

Facebook has recently announced the brand new look for its News Feed, Here is how you can get new Facebook news feed at once. The new Facebook News Feed looks much better than old News Feed. Facebook has brought new Facebook News Feed with many cool features, it is completely different from its old version. Some of the basic thing has been changed in Facebook new News Feed such as photos, videos, font size, stories and more. But it’s hard to discover until you are and active Facebook user. You may also like the complete list of Facebook emotions. Check out the picture of Facebook new News Feed given below.

According to the demo of new Facebook news Feed, It is really looking cool as shown in the above picture. In the new News Feed, Facebook has concentrated on its sidebar mainly, It is looking now beautiful. You can say the new Facebook news feed has been inspired from the Mobile version of Facebook. As in the Facebook mobile version, you have a cool sidebar containing all posts and option, Now it has came to your computer in the form of new Facebook News Feed. Facebook has really done a great job to remove all buttons and option from the feed and integrated them into left sidebar, as you can see in the above picture.

What’s new in New Facebook News Feed?

As there are many new things in Facebook new News Feed but, you can find all of them only by getting it for your profile. The pictures, and videos looks bigger in the new News Feed. The third party apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Quora etc. looks much better. Facebook has added Filter option on your Facebook new News feed, now you are provided a Feed Selector menu which allows you to choose filter according to your wish. Overall, the new Facebook News Feed has bright and high resolution photos. So, Follow the instructions below to get new Facebook News Feed at once.

How to Get new Facebook News Feed?

As Facebook has not made such a option to get Facebook new News Feed by a single click. Here you have no option, where you can get new Facebook News Feed by only one click. However, you can get the Facebook new News Feed by joining the waiting list, Here is how you can get new Facebook News Feed.

Get the New Facebook News Feed Right Now!

  • Step 1. Visit Facebook News Feed Page. [Link]
  • Step 2. Click on the Join List, like the picture given below.
  • Step 3. You have done! Now wait, you will soon get a notification on your Facebook Profile page when you get new Facebook News Feed.

How to Get New Facebook News Feed in One Click

As the above step takes some time. If you want to get the new Facebook News Feed in single click, Here is how you can get Facebook News Feed immediately.

  • Go to New Facebook News Feed Chrome Extension Page [Link].
  • Install this extensions and refresh your Page.
  • That's it! You have now New Facebook News Feed on your Facebook Profile.

This is how you can get new Facebook News Feed, Many people have already got the new Facebook News Feed for their profile. How about you? Have you Got Facebook new News Feed yet? Share this article with your friends, to help them in getting new Facebook News Feed.

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