Top 10 Blogs of the Year 2013

Do you know what are the most popular blogs on the web? Here I have listed top 10 blogs in the world via below post. There are millions of blogs exist on the web, But when it comes to top most popular blogs, it is not easy to find them. It is really very tough task to list world’s top most popular blogs. But here I have come to you with 10 most popular blogs in the world. So, If you are looking for the world’s top blogs on web, Here you can fine top most popular blogs of the year 2013.

From couple of days I was looking for the world’s top 10 blogs and finally I have created a list of Top 10 blogs based on Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Unique monthly visitors. The blogs I have shared in the below post, you must read always. Fortunately, the blogs I have shared below are the great combination of news, some of blogs are on technology, some are on Mobile, phones and Gadget, some are on News and fun too. I am sure, if you read these blogs regular, you will not need to go for any other blogs. Check out the list of Top 10 Blogs in the world.

Top 10 Blogs in the World

1. Huffington Post

Huffington Post is the most popular blog in the world.  It is the world’s top blog share news, content coverage of US politics, entertainment, style, technology and more world news.
Alexa Rank: 94 | Compete Rank: 53 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 54,000,000

2. TMZ

TMZ is one of the best blog that share Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News. You can find here latest Celebrity News and Hollywood Rumors.
Alexa Rank: 580 | Compete Rank: 220 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 19,000,000

3. Business Insider

Business Insider is the world best blog on Business. It is a business blog, covering tech, media, law, Wall Street, investing and entrepreneurship.
Alexa Rank: 407 | Compete Rank: 601 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 12,100,000

4. Engadget

Engadget is one of the most popular blogs on Mobile, Phones, Device and Gadgets. It is a web magazine of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.
Alexa Rank: 438 | Compete Rank: 808 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 11,500,000

5. Gizmodo

It is just yet another popular Gadget blog. Gizmodo shares news on latest Gadget and digital culture. So if you are a gadget lover, you must bookmark this blog.
Alexa Rank: 749 | Compete Rank: 1103 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 10,100,000

6. Mashable

Mashable is the best social media blogs the covers the news on topics such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Gmail, Amazon and more.
Alexa Rank: 326 | Compete Rank: 803 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 10,000,000

7. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is leading technology media. It is one of the best startup blog, covers startup news, review new Internet Products and more.
Alexa Rank: 532 | Compete Rank: 607 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 7,500,000

8. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a best blog on life hacking. It share best software and personal productivity tools, web sites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and in quick time.
Alexa Rank: 586 | Compete Rank: 1298 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 5,500,000

9. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a best web design blog. It is an online magazine for professional web designer and developers. People interested in web designing must read this blog.
Alexa Rank: 1070 | Compete Rank: 1142 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 4,600,000

10. FAIL Blog

Fail Blog is a most popular comedic blog. This blog hosts images and video that exemplify moments and situations of Fail.
Alexa Rank: 718 | Compete Rank: 1417 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 4,400,000

Well, These are the 10 most popular Blogs in the world I have shared above, hope you like this list of top 10 blogs. Tell me what is your favorite blog on the web? If I have missed some blog or there should be another blog in the above list, suggest me via comment box below. 

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