How to Get Approved For BuySellAds

Are you looking for BuySellAds approval for your Blog/Website? In the article below I have explained How to get Approved for BuySellAds. Many bloggers are looking for Google Adsense alternatives, and no doubt BuySellAds is the best alternatives to Google Adsense. I have already discussed on Howto get Approved for Google Adsense. So many people are trying to get BuySellAds approval for their website these days. So here I have come with some handy tips to get approved for BuySellAds.
What is BuySellAds?

To all those who do not know about BuySellAds, BuySellAds (BSA) is an advertising network where advertisers buy ads publishers sell ads. It is very popular advertising network on Internet that is growing rapidly too. It is basically an Ad Agency that supports direct advertising but they accept only quality sites.
So, what do I mean by quality sites? In order to get your website approved for BuySellAds, You must have a qualify blog or Website. Here quality means quality content, qualify design and your website must get very good impressions from visitors. So these are the some minimum requirements you should check before applying for BuySellAds mentioned below.

Requirements for getting BuySellAds Approval

  • More than 100K impressions per month.
  • Your website must be live.
  • You Website must have fresh content.
  • Your Website’s domain must be a TLD (Top Level Domain) than any sub-domain. They don’t accept sub domains.
  • Your website should not contains porn, anything illegal, or containing even remotely "questionable" content.
  • You should not have a ton of untargeted ads on your website already, they are not going to approve you.
  • Getting denied does not mean that they will not approve you in future.

The most important things to consider in the criteria listed above are the first and the last point. The first one is a keyhole to the newbies and the last one gives you space to submit your site again and again. It’s not easy to get your website approved for BuySellAdse in first attempt. So, what do they expect from you, in other words, what should your blog/site possess to get approved by BuySellAds?

So far as I know about BuySellAds, you need to maintain a site design that is simple, professional and clean. If you mess up with the widgets and alignment, I'm sure they will not approve you. Make sure that you get your Alexa Rank below 200K, less than 100K would definitely help (Learn more about increasing your Alexa Rank here - How To Increase Alexa Rank). The next important criteria is that you need to have enough Yahoo! Inbound Links (or) Google PR which is measure of Google backlinks (Learn more about increasing Google Page Rank here - How To Increase Google Page Rank).

You should also make sure that your site has got a compete rank(optional). The last but not the least, you should have a minimum of  50,000 monthly pageviews to get the BuySellAds approval. This has become mandatory for new sites because they ask you to add them as a temporary user to access your Google Analytics account and they personally verify whether you satisfy their minimum requirements or not.

I cannot guarantee that your site will be accepted if you satisfy the above mentioned conditions. How ever, I'm pretty sure your blog/site should possess the above criteria. In short, the conditions are necessary but not sufficient. Have you got BuySellAds Approval for your website? Feel free to share you experience below.

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