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        ABOUT US
        Tung Fai Kee Wooden Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974. With over 30 years,experience in manufacturing and installing wooden doors, flooring, cabinets and other carpentry works in worksites, we have completed over 1,500 private and public projects up until now.
        As the business expanded rapidly, the Hong Kong factory could not fulfill the strong demand, thus, in the 1980"s, we have built and relocated the factory in Tangxia town in Dongguan city, Guangzhou province. Thefactory covers more than 300,000 square feet, and consists of the door leaf, door frame, flooring, cabinet, and the painting department, along with the six kiln drying room. The factory is capable of produciog100,000 wooden doorsets, 100,000 square meter of wooden flooring, and 30,000 sets of wooden cabinets per year.
        Most of the timber used in our factory if directly purchased from the countries of origin . the processes of different production lines, from raw materials sizing to product packing, basically were automatic or semi-automatic.The production and management of our factory achieve IS0 9002 international standard and obtained ISO 9002 certificate in 1998. Dating from 1993 our fire rated wooden doorsets were accepted by Hong Kong Authority our company became one of recognized suppliers of fire rated wooden doorset in Hong Kong from then on.
        Most of the timber used in our factory is directly purchased from the country of origin. Every part of the assembly line, from raw material sizing to product packaging, is automatic or semi-automatic. In 1993, the Hong Kong Government Authority has recognized us to be their stable fire rated wooden doorset supplier. Moreover, since 1998, the production, operation, and the management of our company has systemized by following the international standard of ISO 9002.
        The reason of why our company obtains high reputation among the industry can be reaced back to our continuous effort in focusing in our product quality, product design, prodect installation, and after sale service in the past 30 years.
        Tung Fai Kee Wooden Materials Co,.Ltd 粵ICP備15688745號 BY:ITO
        Address:Hi tech Industrial Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong, Tangxia Province