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Guangzhou Anbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. after-sales service terms

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your concern and support for the Ambo product! Also thank you for choosing to buy our products! During the use of the product, if you encounter technical problems, or product quality problems. Welcome to visit the official website http://www.anbtw.com At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national quality supervision and inspection of the relevant provisions of the company, you use the products to provide services.

       Customers who purchase Ambo products are subject to the following terms:

If there are product problems, please do not open the equipment, maintenance and other operations, please call after-sales service telephone 400-808-9688 for consultation.

1, Allbo products in the day of receipt of 7 days, there are quality problems can be sent back to the company to replace, replacement only with the same model, with the color products. After receiving the product, please confirm that it is good or bad, 10 days Ambo company without your letter, Allabs default products all qualified. Do not support re-support for replacement or return.

2, Ambow will provide 2% of each motherboard accessories (not including the display and chassis) to facilitate customers in the installation process to replace the defective products, please receive the goods before the receipt of products and accessories are checked, In the process of mailing whether the wear and tear, and then sign, once the problem, please immediately and the relevant staff to get in touch! Where the sign and then contact to reflect the problem The company has the right to refuse to deal with!

One, repair repair

   Customers find fault, please call the Anbo customer service line: 400-808-9688, please provide the product model, factory date, fault phenomena and other details; Anbo technology engineers to determine the initial product failure, telephone answers to technical problems, and determine whether the need Further maintenance.

Second, maintenance

Station service:

If you need to repair, please send fault products to Ambow Technology Customer Service Center:


Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Zhu Village, a new street on the 8th Street, 1st Floor, Lane

the company

Guangzhou Anbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd


Regional sales staff


020-3235-3722 400-808-9688

Zip code

Field Service

If you need our company to provide on-site service, please make an appointment in advance, Ambo Technology Arrangement engineers to reach the scene as soon as possible.

For on-site service, non-networked products, regardless of the warranty period, customers need to bear the cost of travel, travel expenses, including travel and accommodation costs. For the network products, the warranty period, the company provides a home installation guide, the customer to provide engineers accommodation costs, travel expenses from the company to take care of themselves; a door after the guide and beyond the warranty period, the customer needs to bear the cost of travel, travel expenses , Accommodation costs, staff appointment fee. Anbo will provide quotation, customer signature confirmation and transfer to the company designated account. Engineers provide on-site service due to the limitations of the site, I do not promise to solve the problem site. If you can not solve the problem on the spot, customers will be faulty products sent back to Anbo Technology Customer Service Center.

Note: On-site service includes installation of Aibo equipment, equipment commissioning, problem finding and solving, equipment installation and wire welding and other work is not on-site service range.

    Products within one year from the date of sale, the user in the normal use of the product, if the product quality problems, and are within the scope of the normal warranty products, free warranty for one year warranty service.

One of the following circumstances, does not belong to the scope of the warranty:

(1) failure or damage caused by force majeure (eg, fire, earthquake, etc);

Second, more than the validity of the service;

Third, the use of the product does not follow the requirements of the use, maintenance, custody and cause damage, disassemble, modification, water, display rupture, broken or crushed and other man-made causes of failure;

Fourth, due to the use of the environment does not meet the requirements of the product failure;

5, the product warranty period customers return to Anbo's various transportation costs borne by the user, Anbo return to the customer's transportation costs borne by the company; over the warranty period of the product will be borne by the customer transport costs.

Sixth, if the customer disassemble or tear up the body of the fragile stickers posted stickers, then take the initiative to give up warranty service.

Repair instructions

 First, in the case of service:

1. The company's products returned to the customer for a period of time within 7 working days to receive the goods within 7 working days. Except for transit time (excluding Saturdays and Sundays);

2. If there is a special reason beyond this period, Ambow aftermarket will communicate with you in advance.

Second, has more than 2 years of free warranty products, the Company will be appropriate to receive maintenance costs:

1. The company will determine the required maintenance costs after the test, to seek customer consent to the payment of the case, the product maintenance services;

2. If the damage to the product components have been discontinued, and the market can not find the corresponding components of the case, the company will return the original product or recommended users to upgrade other products, the processing time of 15 Within working days.

Third, users return bad products, according to different locations to use different packaging to return:

1. To the far away customers, to be used honeycomb packaging; products must be marked above the bad reasons, with an electrostatic bag at the same time with a back to the details of the list back to the product.

2. We must follow the road transport of the product issued until we confirm receipt of product verification.

3. If the customer is not timely tracking in the delivery of repair parts, resulting in repair goods in the cargo office stay too long or lost, Anbo company is not responsible for the loss of costs borne by the then consignor.

Third, the cost of settlement

1, one year warranty period, the customer must bear: failure products to the Anbo company customer center of the premium, Anbo company to bear the failure of the product to return the customer's premium, (this freight to road transport), the second year warranty Anbo company no longer bear the freight.

2, the warranty period, the customer must bear: the cost of replacement parts; fault product two-way transportation costs and insurance costs; labor costs. The company in the product maintenance documents will clearly mark the cost of spare parts.

3, such as the occurrence of on-site service, customers need additional commitment:

Accommodation or accommodation:

Technical staff standard

RMB180 yuan / day / person

Technical Leadership Standards

RMB200 yuan / day / person

Transportation: The cost of arriving at the customer from Ambo, including round-trip sleeper tickets and other tolls.

Service fee: RMB200 yuan / day / person

The company in advance to collect fares and service fees, other costs of engineering service personnel on-site collection.

                                                         This edition of the implementation date: May 01, 2013


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